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Hire Me! Job seekers guide offers interviewing, resume tips

Veteran publishers Calvin Lovick, Angela Cranon-Charles offer ‘Hire Me!’ a Complete Guide to Job Hunting’


Longtime publishers and employment consultants Calvin L. Lovick, senior managing partner of C. L. Lovick & Associates; and Angela M. Cranon- Charles, co-editor, and editor of Lovick Minority Career Journal, have introduced “Hire Me!” to the marketplace, the optimum guide to job hunting.

A person is considered unemployed if they have no job and are currently looking for a job and available to work. The unemployment rate in the U.S. varies across states.

In California, the current overall jobless rate is 4.2 percent. The jobless rate among persons between 16 and 24 years stood at 8.4 percent in April 2018.

For millennials, a demographic in the state that may be searching for employment in greater numbers now that school is out for the summer that will need helpful hints to gain the advantage over the competition, the appearance of Hire Me! on the book sales rack is perfect timing.

What makes Hire Me! any more effective than the next employment guide? The advantage is presented in three key areas – information, preparation, and presentation.

A job seeker needs the right information. As the introduction states, Hire Me! arms job seekers with the necessary tools to navigate the highly competitive job market. Every advantage is strategic. Look at it like this; each graduation cycle, millions pour into the job market seeking employment from high school, college, business, and trade schools.

That’s furious competition and stress. The strategies offered by Hire Me! can and will alleviate much of the stress and make finding a job a reality, if followed to the letter.

Job seekers gaining the advantage over others who may be competing for the same job should have superior preparation. Employers are forever searching for the best talent on the market. If that is you, it should be reflected in your resume to unlock the opportunity for a job interview. Hire Me! covers this very critical area in Part I underscoring what key information the resume should contain, and how to write and format the resume correctly.

Finally, the superior candidate will make the optimum presentation because the maxim, “First Impressions are everything,” still rings true.

It is one thing to get into the door with a sparkling resume, but successful candidates must also follow through with the proper appearance – grooming and dressing to impress – confidence, a crisp interview, and being prepared for surprises like salary expectations and what you can bring to the position.

Hire Me! covers these areas and much more for the serious individual looking to start a career. This very effective job hunter/employment guide also dispenses important information on how to remain gainfully employed, increasing your value and stock, developing a path to advancement, the admiration, and confidence of superiors.

As the news media has reported on increasing workplace indiscretion of late with high-profile personalities, Hire Me! addresses what is proper job etiquette, for instance,  inappropriate behavior among employees, disagreements with the boss, being punctual and dressing a professionally.

Hire Me! is a rich resource for college or high school graduates entering the job market for the first time, and a treasure for those returning to work after long layoffs, as well.

Whether it’s creating a winning resume, mastering interviews or navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace, you will find out how to land a job in Hire Me!

Calvin Lovick and Angela Cranon-Charles, who have more than 50 years of combined experience in the employment industry and as publishers, help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Hire Me! is 149 pages in length, softcover, printed in the USA by iUniverse Books, and retails for $13.99. For ordering information, including bulk orders, contact Lovick Minority Career Journal at (310) 412-7220. Books can also be ordered through Barnes & Noble or by contacting iUniverse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403, calling 1-800-Authors (1-800-288-4677) or online at www.iuniverse.com.

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is a veteran journalist and editor living in Los Angeles.